Dr. Estevão Lopes

Dr. Estevão Lopes

Estevão Lopes Human Development
Florida Christian University



Estevao is the founder and president of Estevao Lopes Human Development, where he has trained over 5000 professionals on several topics, such as Human Behavior, Peak Performance, Sales and Leadership. Estevao is a certified trainer (SOAR GI, Febracis), international speaker, mentor and Professor at the Florida Christian University on the USA, where he also got his Master’s Degree in Neuromarketing.  

Senior Leader at a global company, Estevao has over 20 years of experience in managing different teams in different cultures, always focusing on teamwork, integration and improving performance. Estevao worked with different kinds and sizes of teams, leading small groups as well as large organizations with over 600 employees.  


The emotional intelligence in the artificial intelligence’s era

We live in a unique moment where we are facing a huge technological advancement that is changing our day-to-day lives and behaviors. Both in the country and in the cities, technology is bringing uncountable advantages like a rise in productivity, time optimization, and higher precision in decision-making, just to name a few. 

Technology is becoming an extension of our bodies, with our smartphones and all the technological assets we have in our homes, cars, and work. It is hard to imagine today’s life without all the support that technology provides us with. 

The technology indeed brings us several benefits, but we cannot forget that behind all this technology, there will always be a human being, with feelings, emotions, and skills that the machines cannot replicate. Unique skills are human being characteristics, not machines’. 

To the human being, more important than the results, it will always be the journey. On the other hand, artificial intelligence will always provide only results. Considering the moment, we are living in, the importance of developing emotional intelligence increases every day, especially when we are working with lives. Empathy, respect and sensibility are exclusive human being skills and when it comes to pig farming, bring the connection between the man and the animal, improving results.

This lecture will address the importance of emotional intelligence in a technological era and how this competency will supports pig farming’s results.