Virtual platform

The registration to the IPVS&ESPHM 2024 includes the access to the congress scientific contents through a dedicated platform for one year.   

What is the platform

The ESPHM platform ( is a website where the scientific contents of each ESPHM edition (starting from ESPHM 2020+1) and IPVS&ESPHM 2024 are uploaded, i.e. slides of keynote lectures, oral presentations and flash talks, posters and proceedings.

How to access the platform

The registered participants will receive the credentials to access the platform ( a few days before the beginning of the congress. If you have attended the last editions of ESPHM from 2021, you can use the same access you already have.

What to see and when

The first day of congress you will receive an email with the instructions to access the platform. You can immediately find slides of oral presentations and flash talks, posters and proceedings and to consult also during the event in addition to the posters located at the congress venue. Slides of keynote lectures will be uploaded after the event.

Can I access the platform even if I am not registered?

Yes, you can purchase the access to the scientific contents through the ECPHM website: 
ECPHM Website